Saturday, June 2, 2012

Product Reviews Are Truth Finding Missions

Just envision this. A salesman is trying to sell you some unknown product. He is blurting about its merits, positive characteristics etc and your fall for his words. Later you find out that all the tall claims regarding the product were entirely false or half truths. You could have avoided such a situation if you had cared to ask for the product reviews from some ex-user or an expert in the field.

The same thing is played again and again everywhere, even in the internet commerce too. Online stores would tell you only the positives of their products or services and you are forced to take their words in the face value. But there is a silver lining in this dark cloud in the form or some sites that provide up to the mark and realistic product reviews and shopping online review.

Millions of products ranging to safety pin to cruise ships are sold online these days. Nobody can understand the efficacy of the product till they use it for a period of time. But shopping online review sites not only give you the general product information, but also would let you know how good they are. They list the characters of the product and gives star ratings accordingly.

I would give you an example. Take the case of a particular perfume. As you know, all such personal grooming products have got certain positive and negative characteristics. Product review sites rate each product by its merits and demerits, which can be a great help to potential customers. These reviews help you not to get cheated. Claims and counterclaims abound about almost every product we see. The company makes tall claims, but product reviews skins them and brings out the truth.

Product reviews act as eye openers. Shopping online review lists out the merits along with the difficulties faced by customers in either acquiring the product or using it. Some products may be good, but getting it shipped to the required address may prove to be a headache. Some products may be excellent, but after sales services may be ineffective. Sometimes the product is bad, but the related aspects like shipping and further services may be good. Product reviews let you know everything in a reliable way.

A good product review site should have several characteristics. First of all, it should have a huge list of products under review. Secondly, the reviews provides should be trustworthy and made by experienced reviewers. Thirdly, the review should invariably cover all aspects of the product. Fourthly, it should list out the opinions of erst while users. Fifthly, a photograph of the product should be given along with the product review. And last, but not least, the review site should allow people to post their own experiences. Only such a site can be termed as totally reliable and convenient.

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