Saturday, June 2, 2012

Product Review Sites - Good Or Bad?

Product review sites are now everywhere you look.

Is this a good thing? Yes, I personally believe that review sites, (the ones that I have used anyway), have helped me, and many other consumers, find and purchase the products that we as members of the great British Public are searching for every day!

I have seen a lot of web sites now days that seem to "be-little" or slightly ridicule these up and coming product review sites, WHY!.

What is a product review site?

Product review sites display a selection of merchandise from fashion stores, shops, on-line shops. You can then choose, and purchase the product on-line. From my experience, looking for a particular shop, can be a daunting task especially on the web. We are bombarded with prices, and different makes/models, colors you name it, and you are then confused, and of put!

Now some genius has decided to do all the searching for us, at no cost to the consumer "us." What can possibly be so bad about that? I have recently read an article, where an individual quoted, "that these sites will trick you into purchasing a particular product." Rubbish, we as members of the public are already on the web searching for this product in the first place! (why else would you be on a UK shops directory site/on-line shops site otherwise). Anyway, the sites then give you a list of on-line stores. You are even given a direct link to the web site. This article I am writing, I guess is just to maybe to set the record straight (as I see it anyway), or maybe to thank these sites. Not really sure, just felt compelled to I suppose! By the way a great site I have used recently was without having to many options which can be of putting.

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