Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tabletop Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Review

When you need hot or cold beverages, the hot and cold water dispenser will most likely provide the lift. Homes and offices have become fully dependent on this office product.

The right machine for the right reasons: The need for a warm or chilly drink has developed into a ritual. In the morning and just before bedtime, we go for steaming hot coffee. Now during break time, we prefer a serving of cold beverage. Nobody can consciously count the cups of coffee one can consume in a day. It would even be much more during cold weather. Similarly when the weather is temperate, cool drinks are inevitable. To support our need for both, a combination of hot and cold water dispenser becomes a gaudy option. And it is so reliable that water can be served in an instant with absolutely no waiting time.

A hot and cold water dispenser unit works with no moving parts: A break room machine of this kind can last indefinitely. It relies solidly on thermoelectric cooling to operate. This is also referred to as the Peltier method of cooling and/or heating. In essence electricity is applied across a solid body. The Peltier effect turns one end cold, while the opposing end hot. The cold end cools water while the hot end is connected to a heat sink to radiate heat. Heat gained is sufficient to raise water temperature to just below boiling point. In the absence of moving parts, a water dispenser unit of this kind will last through long years of use.

Portable hot and cold water dispensers are slowly inching in popularity. This equipment is well suited to homes and offices because it entirely eliminated expensive in-house installation. All that is required is the purchase of a dispenser unit which is plugged into the wall power outlet. Water is supplied in large plastic bottles courtesy of water refilling stations. Water could be bought per canister or the water refilling station can provide it on a regular basis. This supply arrangement sits well with most homes and offices.

This type of dispensers is efficient to operate. The cooling system does not use compressors and heaters are not engaged to provide hot water. Without the power guzzlers in the dispenser unit, energy consumption is minimal. The difference in energy consumption is wide. Even if a unit is plugged throughout the day, energy used is still lower than that of conventional dispensers. The low power bill could be the only reason why most users are shifting preference to portable hot and cold water dispensers. That is aside from the affordable water supplied in plastic canisters.

Next time you need to reduce power consumption, consider shifting preferences. Use hot and cold water dispensers instead.

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