Saturday, June 2, 2012

Increasing Your Business with Product Reviews

A testimonial can be a wonderful thing for your business. Almost all successful companies use testimonials of some kind to show what they are saying about their business and products is the truth.

What good are product reviews?

- Give an unbiased review of a product
Sometimes we get so excited about our business, when we talk about our products it starts to sound like an ad. By giving the customer a chance to look at an unbiased review from someone that has nothing to gain from their recommendation, it gives the customer more faith.

- Better decision for the customer
Maybe they have questions or concerns about the product which they don't want to bother contacting anyone about. Some people are very quiet, and like to see what others are saying about certain things. By allowing them to read a review, you are giving them the chance to see the product from a non-ad side. They may or may not buy, but the main point is you'll have much more happy, valuable customers.

- Give suggestions to potential customers
Have you ever gone to a website and got lost in all the products? In an offline store, sales people can help point you in the direction of some interesting items. Online this isn't the case. Product reviews can offer that "suggestion" and point customers in the direction of those interesting products.

- Show your personality
In bigger direct sales companies, the competition between reps can be unreal. Having a product review written about you and your products can help bring your personality out. If a potential customer sees you as a recommended rep with reasons why, the chances of them going to you for their needs with this company is greater.

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